About Us

Hello from Austin. Texas.

Although we do not believe that the talents and the skills learned later are transferred to the next generations genetically, but our story tells exactly that.

Our grandfather (Mustafa Aktas) emıgrated to Izmır from one of the few cities where trains bakers the most in Anatolia. He owned and operated 2 bakeries there. This story goes back to 1960’s, our grandfather died a long time ago, before we born and unfortunately we have never met.

Then no one in the family works in bakery products.

After years, our story has begun in 2018 with working on sourdough bread. Before relocating to United Stated, we had ‘Un & Maya” brand in Turkey, now continuing as Dough’n Roll in the United States.

We have been living here in Austin, Texas for a short time and we are producing bakery products without using additives within the framework of the rules set by the law.

If you want to taste our products, order now. Every order is so exciting for us; because it gives us the opportunity to create new happy faces.

We are waiting..